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Morning Virtues: Joy (DECEMBER)

Morning Virtues: Joy (DECEMBER)

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Morning Virtues is a virtue-themed, bimonthly volume, designed for families with children 1st-4th grade. It's a collaborative program designed by The Gentle + Classical Press, Meaningful Menus, and Rooted Childhood.


What is it?

Need the *perfect* Morning Time plan? One that's not too overwhelming but no too rigid either?

There are so many "morning time" or "morning basket" plans available to homeschoolers right now that it can be really overwhelming. Three of your favorites shops have joined together to simplify the overwhelm and bring you exactly what you need for a great Charlotte Mason/Classical-inspired family collective for your students 1st-4th grade!

Through the convenience of Morning Virtues, you'll find that:

1) Children that span 6-10 years can enjoy and benefit from the same beautiful and wholesome living read alouds.

2) First graders can learn just as much about amazing artists and composers as their older siblings.

3) You only have to follow the convenient schedule to enjoy looping two read-alouds and artist/composer study.

4) The included menus and memory statement cards provide opportunities for all of your children to memorize the same portions of scripture and catechisms but in the right size "chunk" and in the proper format for their age and reading (or pre-reading) ability.

5) A broad age span can all enjoy handicrafts together with small modifications.

6) Your family can grow in beauty, connection, and character through 30-45 minutes together each day.

The included schedule allows for:

  • Diligently completing all 28 days in just 4 weeks, making room for other morning time opportunities


  • Real life! Implement Morning Virtues 3-4 mornings per week and have a full two months to make it through the 28 days before the next volume is available.
Who is it for?

This program is for families with children first through fourth grade. However, it can be extended with the included book menu to include younger and older children, if you so desire! 

What's included?

In the Joy volume of Morning Virtues, you'll find the following content:

  • Hymn: 
  • Bible Reading + Catechism: 
  • Scheduled Read-Alouds: 
  • Artist Study:
  • Composer Study:
  • Affirmation
  • Scripture: 
  • Poem: 
  • Folk Song
  • Handicrafts: 
  • Sonnet
  • Manners + Hygiene: 
  • Memory Statement Cards: Scripture, Catechism, Manners + Hygiene, Virtue
  • Short Story: 
Digital or Physical Delivery?

The DIGITAL volume is emailed to you via dropbox. You will need to print these items at home or through your preferred printer and will receive NO items in the mail.

The Physical Delivery option includes digital files as well, in the event you need to print additional copies at home. The Physical Delivery option includes:

  • 1 copy of the Morning Virtues guide (saddle-stitched, full color)
  • 1 set of art prints (4 prints) (8.5x10.75", full color, heavy satin paper)
  • 1 Meaningful Virtues Menu (8.5x10.75", full color, heavy satin paper; slides easily into menu covers *not included)
  • 1 set of Memory Statement Cards *uncut (8.5x10.75", full color, heavy satin paper)

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