First - Third Grade (6-9 Years)


Sequence 1 is the "next step" for any student who has completed our Primer program. Sequence 1 takes existing materials - like Morning Virtues and On Mission (described below) - and adapts and/or expands that material, adding in additional scheduling grids, a Student Notebook, and memory statement cards along with further Bible and Theology studies, grammar, spelling rules, and history! In Sequence 1, we learn the geography of the United States alongside a survey of European and American history, 1450-1815.

Morning Virtues is a bi-monthly volume - created for all of your children, 1st grade and up - that brings beauty, connection, and character into your homeschool days. Choose the "core virtue" you would like to emphasize for the next 2 months. We provide you with living book recommendations, scripture reading, scripture memory, handicrafts, artist study, composer study, manners/hygiene focus, and a schedule for all of it. Grab this collection + the recommend books, and you're sure to start your days off in a beautiful, rich way.


Gentle + Classical Nature is a robust, living-book rich, exploration of nature. Volume 1 is centered around inland waterways and forests. Volume 2 focuses on shorelines and oceans. Nature is adaptable for multiple ages (K-4th) as it offers Student Notebooks at two levels. However, all elementary students are able to work together on the same topics.

Geography/Culture (Social Studies):

On Mission is a curriculum that engages children preschool through upper elementary with a cultural feast for their minds and hearts. Through beautiful images, living books, engaging activities, simple handicrafts, hands-on projects, stimulating challenges, interesting stories, and wise discipleship, our children are introduced to countries and cultures in a gentle and classical way. This program offers so much content that it works as a whole-family social studies for all elementary students. New Student Notebooks (available for Ukraine, Greece, Canada and later, Madagascar and Afghanistan) make implementation that much easier!