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Kindergarten (5-6 Years)


Gentle + Classical Primer is a beautiful and gentle introduction into the formal school years that places goodness, truth, and beauty above rigor and "grade level" while still preparing your child for their future education. Wonder tales, rhymes, art, music, scripture, character virtues, poetry, and simple recitations guide our week. 

(You will need to add your full, formal math and phonics instruction when your child is ready for those. We recommend All About Reading and Kindergarten Math with Confidence.)


Gentle + Classical Nature is a robust, living-book rich, exploration of nature. Volume 1 is centered around inland waterways and forests. Volume 2 focuses on shorelines and oceans. Nature is adaptable for multiple ages (K-4th) as it offers Student Notebooks at two levels. However, all elementary students are able to work together on the same topics.

Geography/Culture (Social Studies):

On Mission is a curriculum that engages children preschool through upper elementary with a cultural feast for their minds and hearts. Through beautiful images, living books, engaging activities, simple handicrafts, hands-on projects, stimulating challenges, interesting stories, and wise discipleship, our children are introduced to countries and cultures in a gentle and classical way. This program offers so much content that it works as a whole-family social studies for all elementary students. New Student Notebooks (available for Ukraine, Greece, Canada and later, Madagascar and Afghanistan) make implementation that much easier!

Kindergarten Bundles: 

Since many families want to combine Primer with either Volume 1 or Volume 2 of Nature (and often On Mission as well), we have developed special bundles just for those families. You will find those bundles linked under Primer below OR in the Science/Nature listings as well. When selecting a Kindergarten Bundle, you can choose between Volume 1 or 2 of Nature and optionally add a 10-issue bundle of On Mission as well. These bundles offer the greatest value AND the most simplicity in organizing your Gentle + Classical Kindergarten year.