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Choose Your Program

I understand that getting started with a new program can be overwhelming. It's sincerely my heart to equip and empower- not overwhelm. Below you find guidance for making a selection.

If your questions aren't answered below, you can contact our Curriculum Advisor for individualized help! Email Lara at


We have one option, and it's for children K4-4th grade. Gentle + Classical Nature is a robust, living-book rich, exploration of nature. Volume 1 is centered around inland waterways and forests. You can download the Teacher's Guide 100% free from the shop. 

Confused about LEVELS for the Student Notebooks? Click HERE to see an overview/comparison and get help making your decision. 

Geography, Missions, and Culture-

We have one option, and it’s for your K4-6th grade students. On Mission is a different type of program all-together and arrives as a quarterly print magazine that features a new country each quarter. Read about it and subscribe HERE.


  • Preschool Level 1 is a simple, laid-back program for children 2-4 years 
  • Preschool Level 2 is a robust, thorough program for children 4-6 years (and used by many families for children through 2nd grade.)

You can find the scope and sequence for Preschool Level 1 HERE.
You can find the scope and sequence for Preschool Level 2 HERE.

If you aren't sure if Level 1 or Level 2 is right for you, the following suggestions might help. However, to be fully sure, simply download the FREE Teacher's Guides: