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Choose Your Program

I understand that getting started with a new program can be overwhelming. It's sincerely my heart to equip and empower- not overwhelm. Below you find guidance for making a selection.

If your questions aren't answered below, you can contact our Curriculum Advisor for individualized help! Email Lara at


We have one option, and it's for children K4-4th grade. Gentle + Classical Nature is a robust, living-book rich, exploration of nature. Volume 1 is centered around inland waterways and forests. You can download the Teacher's Guide 100% free from the shop. 

Confused about LEVELS for the Student Notebooks? Click HERE to see an overview/comparison and get help making your decision. 

Geography, Missions, and Culture-

We have one option, and it’s for your K4-6th grade students. On Mission is a different type of program all-together and arrives as a quarterly print magazine that features a new country each quarter. Read about it and subscribe HERE.


Preschool is a simple, laid-back program for children 2-4 years. It includes a complete explanation of philosophy and strategy, 26-letter themed units with amazing children's books (new and classic), memory recitations for math, science, character, catechism, scripture, manner and hygiene, and more. Download the FREE Teacher's Guide HERE to explore. You'll also find a book list linked in that listing.  

Kindergarten & 1st Grade-

Gentle + Classical Primer is a beautiful and gentle introduction into the formal school years that places goodness, truth, and beauty above rigor and "grade level" while still preparing your child for their future education. Wonder tales, rhymes, art, music, scripture, character virtues, poetry, and simple recitations guide our week. (You will need to add your full, formal math and phonics instruction when your child is ready for those.)

You can find the scope and sequence and book list for Primer HERE.

If you aren't sure if Preschool or Primer is right for you, be sure to download the Free Teacher's guides in each of the shop's listings: 

Preschool Teacher's Guide

Primer Teacher's Guide