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Science + Nature Study (K4-4th)

At the Gentle + Classical Press, we currently offer two volumes of our Nature program. Gentle + Classical Nature is incredibly robust and covers a wide range of ages to simplify your science education for the year. Nature offers three levels of topics (referred to as memory statements). We currently offer two levels of student notebooks for each volume: Level 1 is for K4-1st and Level 2 is for 2nd-4th. 

While we do not currently have a Level 3 Student Notebook ready for Volumes 1 and 2 of Nature, children in 5th and 6th grade can easily join into nature study with their younger siblings, then spend time with independent readings of listed books or hands-on projects. We find these Nature and Ocean Anatomy companion notebooks from from Daily Skill Building really helpful with this age group. 

  • Nature: Volume 1 explores woodlands and inland waterways. 
  • Nature: Volume 2 explores shorelines and oceans. 

*The volumes are NOT sequential and can be used in any order. Additionally, due the structure of the program and the multiple levels in each one, they can be used multiple times throughout the elementary years. 

Do you need to live near the ocean or in a forest to use these volumes?

Absolutely not. Nature is designed to have "backyard" science explorations (through specific attainments which are always available locally) alongside potentially "distant" unit studies. Through this cohesive plan, you can study your local nature while also learning about oceanography, zoology, biology, and botany that may only exist hundreds or thousands of miles from you. 

You can download BOTH Volumes' Teacher's Guides for FREE HERE.

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